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Remove tattoos with a laser removal service from Tuscaloosa MedSpa

Laser tattoo removal service, side effects, and aftercare

Young. On a whim. Lifestyle choice. A dare. There are many reasons that people choose to get a tattoo, but life situations change, and sometimes that means that you’re looking for a tattoo removal service. Those who are looking to remove some old ink will be happy to know that tattoos don’t have to be permanent. Laser tattoo removal can be fast, easy, and mostly pain-free.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tuscaloosa MedSpa utilizes the MedLite C6, the gold-elite for tattoo removal. Considered one of the top laser machines on the market, the MedLite C6 distributes the laser’s energy evenly across the surface of the skin, minimizing further injury.

The laser works to break apart the pigmentation of the ink, allowing your body to absorb the tiny particles. These particles are then removed from the body during natural shedding.

Depending on the size, age, and color of the tattoo, multiple laser therapy sessions may be needed. The average tattoo requires 6 to 8 laser sessions, with each session spaced approximately 4 weeks apart.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

When you consider the old ways of tattoo removal: dermabrasion, surgical excision, and chemical peels, laser tattoo removal is revolutionary. Scarring, large pores, and other skin reactions have also been reported with dermabrasion or chemical peels. With laser tattoo removal, there is minimal risk of scarring or infections, and what injury to the skin there is, is minimal and heals quickly.

Are there side effects to laser tattoo removal?

Some patients have experienced mild pinpoint bleeding at the laser site, which resolves within hours. You may also experience redness in the removal area; this should go away within a few days.

Does the laser tattoo removal hurt?

Everybody’s pain threshold is different, but most patients experience little to no pain at the removal site. Some patients experience mild discomfort for up to 24 hours. Patients are given the option to numb the area before the process begins, which can aid in ensuring a pain-free experience.

Are there aftercare instructions for tattoo removal?

It’s important to keep the area dry and clean for a few days after the procedure. An ointment and sterile gauze can be used as a covering. Use a mild soap for washing, taking care to pat dry each time. No other tattoo removal aftercare is necessary.

You should love the body that you have and if you’re living with an unwanted tattoo, chances are that you want it removed. Tuscaloosa MedSpa offers a safe and effective way to remove tattoos using skin laser therapy.

Learn more about laser tattoo removal, skin tightening therapy, laser hair removal, and other services available at Tuscaloosa MedSpa.

Dr. Peramsetty is a medical doctor located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At his Tuscaloosa MedSpa, he is able to perform medical procedures that allow his patients to feel and look their best. With the help of his knowledgeable staff, Peramsetty’s Tuscaloosa MedSpa has the perfect services available for you!

Are you ready to love the body you're in? We’re sure it’s great already, but we would love to help you feel your best! Book your appointment today.

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