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Remove spider veins with laser therapy using Candela GentleMax

Spider veins on the legs and face affect up to 50% of the adult population. They are damaged veins that develop when one-way valves in the vein weaken. In a healthy vein, the blood pushes towards the heart. In a weakened vein, that blood pushes backward and accumulates, causing veins that “web” out. They are not usually harmful or painful, but many people choose to get rid of spider veins for cosmetic purposes. And getting rid of spider veins is easier than it ever has been thanks to laser therapy.

Old school vein treatment replaced with laser therapy

The traditional technique for spider vein therapy has been to use sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy injects a solution into the vein that causes it to scar, forcing the blood to find a healthier vein. Eventually, the vein collapses and is reabsorbed into the surrounding tissues. This treatment, however, is not a one-time dose, and patients typically need several injections that are weeks apart. Blood clots and air bubbles have also been reported in sclerotherapy, potentially life-threatening conditions.

Laser therapy for spider veins is a safer option

The Candela GentleMax is a safe and effective laser treatment for eliminating spider veins. This powerhouse laser treatment is a significant upgrade from the previous procedures for several reasons. For starters, this treatment is unique to the patient. The laser can be used on any vein and can be used in nearly any area of the human body, allowing you to remove unwanted spider veins from the face, legs, and arms. It is also faster, but you will not compromise safety because nothing is injected into the vein.

Candela GentleMax spider vein therapy process

The start of the laser therapy process typically involves an initial consultation to understand the goals of the treatment and to address any concerns that the patient might have. The procedure is straightforward and usually takes less than an hour per session. During the process, the laser will heat the vein, causing it to shrink and be reabsorbed into your body. There are no needles, no pain, and no scarring.

Side effects of laser treatment for spider veins

Laser treatment for spider veins is a noninvasive and relatively painless procedure, and side effects are uncommon. Some patients experience redness and bruising at the treatment site, which clears up within a few days.

Tuscaloosa MedSpa wants to help you look and feel your best, and removing unwanted spider views is both safe and effective with laser therapy.

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