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Laser skin tightening treatment for a youthful look

Skin tightening treatments using the Candela GentleMax

We all want to love the body we live in, and that includes feeling comfortable about our skin and the way that it looks. Tuscaloosa MedSpa offers skin tightening laser treatment using the best laser so that you can love the skin you have.

The Candela GentleMax Laser: The best of the best

Candela is a company that offers several types of lasers. The two most common options for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and scar reduction are the GentleYAG and GentleMax.

The Candela GentleMax Laser is a combination of Candela's GentleYag and GentleLase systems. It's one of the first lasers of this kind to handle multiple frequencies and is capable of permanent hair removal and skin tightening on the stomach, neck, and face. It also works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The GentleMax is considered the best skin tightening laser on the market and is the one that Tuscaloosa MedSpa uses on their patients.

How does Candela GentleMax work to tighten the skin on the face?

Gravity is our skin's worse nightmare, and many people are interested in tightening their skin using laser treatment therapy. The laser works to heat the collagen under the skin, which causes it to expand and constrict. These high-energy wavelengths work to quickly firm the contours of the face and jawline.

Additionally, the laser damages the outer layer of the skin, allowing new growth with healthy cells and collagen. This new growth creates a smoother and younger-looking skin surface.

Does the Candela GentleMax work to reduce wrinkles on the face?

In the same manner that the laser works to heat collagen for expansion, tightening the skin, it also works to reduce wrinkles. The same principle applies to tighten the skin; the outer layer of skin is damaged in a controlled manner, which allows the skin to experience a new growth of healthy cells.

Laser skin tightening treatment - risks and recovery

Laser skin tightening using the Candela GentleMax is safe and effective for restoring a more firm, youthful appearance to the skin on the neck, face, and stomach. This non-surgical skin tightening treatment does not require sedation, and the pain is minimal. Those more sensitive to pain and discomfort may wish to take an over the counter pain medicine before their produce but most feel this is not necessary. The results of laser skin tightening are instantaneous, and for most people, there is no actual recovery time.

What to expect at a laser skin tightening treatment

Your treatment will take place at our Tuscaloosa MedSpa office. A handheld device will be used to apply pulses of laser to the surface of the skin. A continuous flow of cool air will flow against your face as the collagen below the surface is heated. The skincare expert may go over the area being treated a few times for the best results. Sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the size of the treatment area.

While we all know that what we eat and the exercise that we engage is has a direct impact on our well-being, most of us don’t consider how we feel about ourselves as impacting our well-being. It does.

Consider laser skin therapy to remove unwanted hair, tattoos, veins, or to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Learn more about laser skin tightening therapy, laser hair removal, and other services available at Tuscaloosa MedSpa.

Dr. Peramsetty is a medical doctor located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At his Tuscaloosa MedSpa he is able to perform medical procedures that allow his patients to feel and look their best. With the help of his knowledgeable staff, Peramsetty’s Tuscaloosa MedSpa has the perfect services available for you!

Are you ready to love the body you're in? We’re sure it’s great already, but we would love to help you feel your best! Book your appointment today.

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